After Builders Cleaning

Fotolia_69303437_XSBuilding work often creates a significant amount of dirt, dust, stains and general lack of cleanliness that can really spoil the experience of moving into a newly renovated home. Even when builders do a good final clean, there will often be hidden dirt and large amounts of dust which can create health problems later on.

Our house removals and after buildings cleaning services in Richmond are provided by Optimal Removals, a family run business based in South West London who offer first class cleaning services.


Why Choose Us?

A general cleaning service isn’t enough for after builder’s cleaning; you need a company who really understands what to look for and how to tackle the unique cleanliness issues created by building and renovation work. At Optimal Removals we’re real experts in after builders cleaning, and know exactly how to approach recently renovated properties.

One of our major advantages is that we offer after builders cleaning in combination with removals and house moving services. Combining these services will save you money and hassle, as you can let us organise and work on both tasks at the same time. It’s much better to give your home a proper clean while it’s empty rather than waiting until your furniture is in place. For one thing, it will take less time, which is reflected in our great prices.

We understand that customers want to move in as soon as possible, so we’ll work quickly and efficiently to finish the task. Having said that, we’ll give every corner of your property the attention it needs to clean your house to the very highest standards.


What We Offer

  • Removal of building debris and waste
  • Thoroughly cleaning all areas to remove dust including doors, skirting boards and radiators
  • Safely cleaning electrical sockets and light switches
  • Removing splashed paint and other stains
  • Cleaning and polishing tiles and floors


Contact Us Today

We’d love to hear from you and discuss what we can do from you. We offer after building services in Richmond and the rest of South West London, where we have developed a reputation for providing great customer service and value for money.