Window Cleaning

optimal-hygiene-window-cleaningMoving home is a great time to give your windows a thorough clean. In addition to the other removal and moving services we offer in Richmond and South West London, Optimal Removals provide professional window cleaning services at a great price.

Often when you move into a new home you find it’s not as clean as you’d like, meaning that instead of simply relaxing and enjoying your new home you have to spend a few weekends cleaning. Choosing Optimal Removals for your window cleaning needs in combination with other removal services will let you move into a clean home that you can enjoy from day one.

We do everything we can to the stress and hassle out of moving house.


Why Choose Us for Window Cleaning in Richmond?

We pride ourselves on the exceptional attention to detail we apply to all cleaning tasks, and have experienced staff who know the best way to clean different types of windows. Our staff use the best cleaning products and proven cleaning techniques to leave your windows clean and looking as good as new.

Using our window cleaning services will make a big dent in your to-do list, helping you focus the other things you need to do while moving house. Cleaning is one of the things that can really take the excitement out of moving in to a new property—after the stress of moving you just want to relax and enjoy a clean new home. Optimal Removals will let you do just that by taking care of all your cleaning requirements.


What We Offer

  • A tailored cleaning service that applies the correct methods and cleaning products for the window types in your property
  • Efficient and experienced staff who show up on time and work quickly to meet deadlines whilst maintaining a strong commitment to outstanding results.
  • Fully insured staff who understand how to work safely and carefully
  • Great value deals by combining window cleaning services with other removal tasks


Contact Us Today

If your windows are looking a bit worse for wear why not give us a call today to learn what we can do for you. We’ll evaluate your particular needs and give you the best value quote possible.

We offer our removal and window cleaning services in Richmond as well as other areas of South West London and Surrey.