Handyman Services Richmond

 Handyman Services RichmondAll of our team have been trained to cope with basic handyman services in Richmond, allowing them to plumb or unplumb washing machines, dishwashers and other white goods with ease. This is to make the removal work as easy as possible for our customers and it also makes the whole process more efficient. Although our drivers are able to load/unload any item, they are unable to help with attaching electrical wires, which are best left to professional electricians due to safety concerns. Handyman services in Richmond are typically included as part of our more popular products, such as “man and van” or house removals, although our customers should inform us if they have any specific requests beforehand.

Operating throughout Richmond and beyond

Like most of our services, we can offer removals to locations outside of Richmond. We can transport to other areas of London, the UK or even to international locations. These services are designed to make our customers’ lives a bit easier so we offer all them at an affordable price, always with no hidden fees. Our family-run team at Optimal Removals place customer service above anything else, so it’s always our number one priority to accommodate anything our customers need. We have years of experience when it comes to removals in Richmond and other locations throughout the world. With our handyman service incorporated into our strong work ethic we believe we have covered everything imaginable, however, we are just a phone call away if you have any special requests.

Whether it is for a home/office removal, international removal or just to remove some old junk from your home, we are more than happy to help.